Cameron Scott was born in Denver, CO in 1977 and graduated from Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA having received the first annual English Department Award for Excellence in Creative Writing. He received a Master of Fine Arts, Poetry, from the University of Arizona in 2004, where he received an honorable mention in the 2002-2003 Poetry Center/Academy of American Poets student poetry contest.

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River Lamentations

Of the undercut bank and the small side channels
and of all the bends and curves in afternoon light,
fish, but not on private property.
Of the rainbows, struggling with whirling disease,
catch, but release immediately back into the water.
Of the brown trout the color of summer wheat
and flecks of sunrise, and of all other trout with white
tipped fins, catch, release, and do not covet.

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